Saturday, January 24, 2009

What to Wear, What to Wear.....

I've been invited to participate in an awards banquet tonight, sponsored by our local theatre group. This is the group that I have costumed the last 4 shows that they have done in the past seasons. They give awards for best actress, actor, best play, best supporting cast, best set, light and sound design. The only category they don't give awards for is costuming. Go figure.

I was asked to present an award to one of the male actors. It is an honor, and somehow I feel compelled to dress up. So, my dilema is what to wear.

I could go with re-runs from years and events past, such as these.

The lace number is from MonkeyGirl and Mr. Monkeygirl's wedding rehearsal dinner. The black velvet is from some year way in the past for our annual Christmas dinner and show at the school where I used to teach. The black blazer and skirt were stand-bys for the wedding, in case I needed them. They were an incredible bargain, like $15 for the skirt, and about the same for the jacket, so they were good to have JUST IN CASE!

But, black is sooooooooo boooring! Wouldn't some color be better? Like these little numbers?
These dresses still have the tags in them. Somehow, I felt that my social calendar was going to be so full last year, that I purchased these dresses for the many parties I would be attending. NOT HAPPENING! The red one was NOT on sale, but the pink one was. The pink was for Easter, but last Easter was frigid cold with snow flying, so it didn't get worn. The red never had an occasion, except to sadly try it on during lonely nights, envisioning myself swirling around on a dance floor in the frenzy of some sort of social activity. NOT HAPPENING.

What ever the end result is for my frock for tonight, this will be very much a necessity! I've seen make-over shows, and they are kindly referred to as "industrial strength underwear". We can suffer for fashion sake, I just hope I don't have to make too many trips to the ladies room and have to re-arrange it when nature calls! I'll have to drink lightly!
You notice how the manufacture refers to this stuff--UNBELIEVABLE UNDERWEAR!

Hope I can pull it off and let the "assets" be my saving grace to fit into my dresses, what ever one I choose.

P.S., I'm leaning toward the red, as I have some very cute red pumps that my granddaughter and I love to wear. They are high, but still rather comfortable, I think I can stand them for an entire evening.

What do you think?

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MonkeyGirl said...

The red, definitely the red! It just screams "awards ceremony" to me! You will look fab in any of them but the red is my favorite!