Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here comes the Bride..or at least I think it's her!

This play, which I am working on costuming, has been made into a movie, starring Meg Ryan. Have any of you seen it? If you have, you know why I titled this blog in the way I did! I'm not going to give away the secret, so you'll have to see the movie to fit the pieces of this puzzle together.

The wedding scene in this play is the centerpiece for the play, and so I was commissioned to find a wedding dress for the leading lady. Finding a wedding dress that would fit my beautiful actress by going to thrift stores or begging people for cast-offs isn't always fruitful or time-wise, so I decided long ago that I would use a simple pattern and make the dress to fit my actress. The lines of the dress I made are very close to the ones that MonkeyGirl chose for her own wedding 2 years ago.

Several of the criteria for this wedding dress are: she must be able to dress in less than a minute, she must wear her swim suit under it, because she peels off the dress on stage, and is on her honeymoon in the next scene! And she needs a veil that covers her face, because her father lifts it, kisses her and then gives her over to the happy groom.

I made a muslin and fit it on her Sunday, and then was ready to go ahead. I almost ran out of my cheap $3.88 a yard fabric, which I bought the entire bolt of, so some modifications had to be made, nothing critical. I'm sure it will look much better on her darling figure than stuffed with plastic bags and laying on the couch!

The veil will be modified today, I'm going out now to find a comb and will remove the ring. This style looks dorky on her, although it looks nice on the couch! We want it to look good on stage. Hope my director likes the results.

Is it OK, DR. J?

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