Thursday, November 17, 2011

Helllloooooo out there!

Oh that darn Facebook! Stole my time and communicating time away from blogging! I refuse to tweet, can't say it all in 140 characters. But blogging must start again.

Since this blog is about sewing, I am sewing. After sewing orphans and bums and billionaire's servants costumes for Annie last summer, I took some time off from costuming. I did rerun my nun's costumes with new veils for a very successful run of Nunsense. Now I'm making quilts. I made my first Queen size quilt, a Halloween lightning pattern quilt. It was such a success, Ii followed that with a Thanksgiving one. Then Christmas, plus I'm making some more of those cute pillowcases like I made last year. I have more quilts cut, need to sew them. But, I will be costuming Christmas Carol again. Hopefully, our costume collection will fullfil most of our needs for that. Then Christmas, and all that entails.

Glad to be back, if anyone has waited this long to read this. Hi, hope to see you again soon.