Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Photographer is born

Grandma's picture
Budding Photographer's picture

My little granddaugther (one of the M's in M & M's) is 3-1/2, going on 21. You know the type, you see them with their hand on their hip, shaking their finger at you, telling you what to do and what not to do! Gets a grandma's blood a-perking when that happens!

They spent the night at my house over New Year's Eve. There wasn't much fuss that night, she was especially great. Maybe that means she is growing out of the terrible twos, turned totally terrible threes, and can finally live in peace with the rest of the world for more than 20 minutes! Part of her "schtick" is that jealousy reigns supreme in siblings that are 15 months apart, and they both vie for the center ring in the three ring circus of their lives!

When she is with me without her brother around, she is a little angel. The same goes for him. But when the two of them are together, they know how to push each other's buttons, and the scene can get ugly.

Well, on New Year's Day, her brother and her mom were playing a new video game on the Wii. That meant that she had to wait to see her favorite movie, Polar Express. Mom is so sick of that movie she puts it "in the vault" every year after Christmas, or they would have to watch it every day. Now, I totally love the Polar Express movie, and have loved that story since it came out in the late 80's. So I was very willing to watch the movie one more time with little girl M.

I have an old DVD player hooked up to the tv in my bedroom, so we got our blankets and snuggled and watched the movie. She wandered off the ranch a few times, but came back and continued to watch. She can describe every different scene in the movie because she has seen it so many times.

During one of her breaks in attention span, she decided she wanted to take my picture. I bought a little Canon PowerShot camera last year, and love it because it is so compact and easy to use. With a little instruction, she got the hang of how to take the picture. Well, maybe the aiming and framing of the shot isn't quite perfected yet! I know she caught my most pleasing aspect, my scrawny turkey flesh neck! I want to frame this picture for sure! NOT! Then I took her picture, and she showed me her foot just as the picture snapped.

Now you have two wonderful portraits of some great photographers, one with experience and one who is budding in her craft!

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NV said...

LOVE these! Definitely worthy of framing if for no other reason than the story behind them.

Who knows? Maybe Girl M is the next Annie Liebovitz!