Friday, January 9, 2009


No, I didn't get caught doing anything wrong, or maybe I did! My day of sewing costumes has not gone smoothly.

First it was a busted head on the corner of the shelf as I plugged in the iron. No blood, just a little dent in my skull.

Then it was a busted tummy, that kept me from staying at my task in the sewing room, because I was spending much time in the bathroom...but, that seems to have calmed down. Thank heaven.

Then it was busted threads here and there, on both the straight sewing machine and then the serger.

Then the ultimate broken item, I ran over a pin with my serger and broke the upper knife. If you have ever used a serger, you know you cannot continue without an upper knife. Now I have to find a part in this city.

So, is that someone up above's message to me to quit sewing for a while and take a rest? If I can't find a replacement part, I'm in big trouble, so I hope my afternoon break will net me some much needed parts so I can continue my job.

Napping may be an option, though.

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