Saturday, January 17, 2009

Clubbin' with the Oldies

Surprise! Happy Birthday, Steve!
The master at work

I live on a court with 15 houses. The neighborhood is new (abou 4 years old), carved out of an old empty field in a very established neighborhood. So we all moved in within about a year of each other. This has made us develop a very close-knit group. We party with each other, share each other's big events, and woeful events. One of the neighborhood's first actions was to come to my husband's visitation after he passed away, and this was after we had live there for only 3 months. Another neighbor lost his spouse last summer, and the neighborhood rallied around him also. So we are a close group.

The age range of the group varies from 30's to 70's. I'm on the upper end of that continuum, but the young ones are very gracious to invite me and include me in the "boomer" generation activities.

So, last night we went clubbing. Our neighbor across the street turned 50, and his wife planned a celebration with neighborhood couples. His next door neighbor owns a limo service, so we got the limo to take us to our various venues. Very nice! It was my first time in this type of vehicle, and it was nice, to say the least!

First it was boozing our way to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant. Next it was on to a very famous night spot to indulge the birthday boy's hobby of playing darts. He is very good, and although he got beat last night, his worthy opponent stated that he should be among the revered players on the "Wall of Fame" in the bar. Then we went to a local casino for a deposit of some of our cash!

Now, if we all weren't around 50 and were younger, the night would have been longer. The yawns and silences while we were going home meant that we were way past our normal bedtimes! So, it was fun, we were home by midnight, (didn't want our carriage to turn into a pumpkin, now did we?) We hope Steve had a great birthday, and I say, thanks for asking me to come along!

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