Thursday, January 8, 2009

Measure once, cut twice OR?????

This is the play I'm working on today. I am the costume coordinator, but I did make a few things for this play. Mostly, the actors and actresses are raiding their closets for things to use in the play

Backstory to this post....

My darling Late Mr. was a very meticulous woodworker. He was very slow in completing projects, but he rarely had mistakes to cover up, and things fit together very well.

He framed the entire basement of our original family home, putting up the outside walls, interior walls and doorways. It took him months (and many cases of beer, I might add--but the walls were still straight!) to finish this framing job. After all the time he was working on it, when it was completely framed, I said, "Oh goody, now we can start hanging drywall!" Not so fast, Mrs. SewWhat. The entire thing was up and there was not one nail holding it in place. He measured so carefully and fit the wood so well that it stood, an entire basement, with not one nail. So he had to number everything, take it all down and nail it together! Luckily for the impatient spouse he was married to, this part didn't take nearly as much time as the cutting and framing did.

My kids were so impressed by Dad's life lesson that he taught them, to "measure twice, cut once!" that they put it in the eulogy they gave at his funeral.

Sorry to say, this life lesson is lost on me. I rarely do that, and many times get into trouble. You see, in this play, Prelude to a Kiss, one of the settings is in a trendy bar. The characters need a butcher apron to wear. I have a fancy embroidery sewing machine that often is neglected, so I thought, why not embroider the name of the bar on the apron, thus appearing to be a professionally made item. So I started on my job, with a vague reference in my head of what the name of the bar really is in the play. This is my prototype.

Hello, SewWhat--you idiot! Why don't you check on what you are supposed to do instead of relying on your rapidly faily memory? THIS IS WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO SAY!

Luckily, I didn't sew the erroneous logo directly on the aprons, I sewed them on a pocket to be attached to the apron. I was so proud of myself figuring out the embroidery process, I didn't pay attention to the right text!

So this is the finished project, and hopefully it will be right. I need to remember those words, "Measure once, cut twice" NOOOOOOOOO it's "Measure twice, cut once!" I always learn the hard way.

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