Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby, it's really cold outside!

The schools are closing, the pond is freezing over, the wind chill advisories sound more and more ominous. The midwest U.S. is undergoing the worst cold snap in 12 years. Are we ready for this?

I happen to work at a college that has just welcomed 60 exchange scholarship students from South East Asia. They must be freaking out thinking that they will have to endure this type of climate for their 8 week visit. In anticipation of this, tomorrow they will go shopping for warm clothing!

I am offering them a gift from myself. I emptied my huge fleece tub and made long neck scarves for each of them, plus I bought cheap gloves to add to their gift. I am going to have to get the gifts together tomorrow before I go down to meet them. I forgot, I was supposed to get 8 more pair of gloves tonight, and it is now 8:48 p.m. and I haven't shopped for them yet. Hopefully I can find some tomorrow morning before I leave to meet them.

Hope these folks from warm climates will survive their visit to the U.S. in winter. Too bad they didn't decide to go to college in California. But we will be glad to have them here, and we hope they survive the cold weather.

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