Friday, January 9, 2009

Found it!

I found the part for my serger--hooray! I finished one top tonight. That makes 4 skirts and 1 top for today's work. Plus I found a $4 tuxedo and a flowing white dress for Prelude to a Kiss. So the day was tough, but not a complete loss.

Still looking for a little tiny set screw for my old serger, the sewing machine store didn't have one in stock, I'll have to get them to order it. It is about the size of one grain of fat rice. Without it, the machine doesn't work properly! Go figure! I've bought a "trial" screw twice, and neither worked, so I guess I'd better order one--or a couple just in case!

MonkeyGirl, MommaMartha and This D*mn House are cropping, hope they have fun this weekend!

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