Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Jesus in the garage

When you think of decorating for Christmas, you think of Santas, snowmen, deer and antelope grazing on the lawn (my motif for this year), and some people think of the religious aspect of Christmas. I've seldom seen an outdoor Nativity set that I would even pay $2 for. I hate those lit up from inside sets, with the fake statuary look. I had been looking for a nice outdoor Nativity set this year, but any I saw were either cheap looking (but expensive) or expensive looking and very expensive!

Last week, in my costuming mode, I had to find a "roman collar" for a minister for one play. So I went to a religious goods store to get the collar, which I knew would be under $2. This store was in my community for decades, but they decided to move to the newer suburban area last fall. I used my Map Quest to find out where they had moved, and set out to find the new store.

I felt like I was driving and driving and would soon cross some state line somewhere before I found this place. Low and behold, as soon as I walked in, there was my Nativity set, value priced at about $150 less than it had been before Christmas. It was still pricy, but is unbreakable and looks very natural. The adult statues are
29" tall, so they will be a significant addition to the lawn.

In the meantime, Baby Jesus is occupying quite a large space in the garage in the box with Mommy and Daddy. I hope to con the woodworker in my family to make me a stable, and then I'll feel like my Christmas decorations will be complete. I hate it when Christ is out of Christmas, no x-mas for me, thank you!

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