Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music

the four vonTrapp girls outfits made of curtain fabric

one of the three boys outfits

Soon, the hills will be alive with the sound of music on stage at my local high school's alumni musical. This group has been presenting musicals for many years, and it combines the interest of both the highschool students, their alums, and future students to participate in the presentation each year. The adults on the production staff are all graduates of the high school, and the lead cast members feature both current, past and future students.

I didn't go to this school, as I lived in the opposite part of town, but the principal and I went to the same school, and we worked on "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICALS" together in our years there. We went to the sister school in the south county area, whereas this school is in the north county area. But, I have friends who are involved, so that is how I got involved.

Last year they did "Meet Me In St. Louis". I had just finished making costumes for "The Music Man" (set in summer) and "The Christmas Carol" (set at Christmas, duh). Since Meet Me In St. Louis spans the whole year, they used parts of my costumes from those two plays for their production. Then, since I WASN'T BUSY???? I made some other costume pieces for their production.

So this year, when they announced that they were planning to do "The Sound of Music" they came to me to ask for help again. So I offered to make the vonTrapp kids outfits. It started out to be only the "curtain" outfits, but enlarged a bit to a second set. It is hard making 7 of identical things, you get bogged down by the repetitive nature of this job, but I finally finished the sewing yesterday.

So, this is how the curtain scene will be set. I still have to make the curtain, but that won't be anything difficult. I hope to deliver the whole mess to them this weekend, and be done with it.

Last night, I went to two production meetings for two more plays that I'll work on in 2009, plus got fabric, patterns and plans for the last winter show I'm working on currently, so being done with Sound of Music is by no means done with it all. I just have to give my sewing machines a little rest, clean up all the scraps, and then begin on the next set of shows!

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MonkeyGirl said...

Busy, busy girl, aren't we? At least you are using all of your toys!