Thursday, January 22, 2009

Naps are overrated....only by 3 year olds!

What a week! Besides working with 3 new teachers, 28 new students, tech week for my first play of the month (2 more in successive weeks), planning for new plays in spring and summer, babysitting the grandkids, my afternoon nap cycle has been severely curtailed!

What is it about napping that toddlers and preschoolers resist? They must think they are missing something wonderful while they nap to make them resist the idea. My 4 year old Little Boy M resists it at preschool, until everyone else is ready to wake up, then he falls sound asleep and misses the afternoon fun. I usually have to wake him up at 4 p.m. when I come to pick him up because he is sleeping so soundly. Last week he was conked out so deeply that it took 15 minutes of work to arouse him!

So today, I actually followed my plan of leaving work at noon, having put in my hours in the classroom and in the office. The options for napping places loomed as my only challenge, and kitty and I chose our favorite napping place, the overstuffed chair under the soft blanket. Kitty likes to sleep on top of the blanket, nestled in my arms like a little baby. We used to call this position "en face", like a mother and child. It is endearing, until you try to move a muscle, and he gets testy about that, and begins to retaliate for being moved! (Hence the bandaid on my hand from a previous encounter!)

Kitty and I managed to squeeze in 3 nice refreshing naps today. I do feel like a new woman! Well, not maybe new, but somewhat renewed. Now, onward to a final dress rehearsal tonight, a day off tomorrow with a trip to the hairdresser on the calendar, and then opening night of "Prelude To a Kiss".

Thank heaven for naps, they make life look like it it can be endured.

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