Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warm wishes from a cold city

I made 67 scarves for our visitors
All wrapped up and ready to go

Today, I am going to meet our scholarship students from SE Asia. Wouldn't you know that these visitors, mostly from tropical areas, are here during the coldest weather we've had here for over a decade? They are most probably not acclamated nor are they probably prepared with the proper clothing for enduring this kind of weather. On our agenda today is to place them and enroll them in classes, and then go shopping to help them get warm clothing. They will certainly need it today!

My colleague and I are meeting in a little while to travel down to the school where we will be meeting them. I hope they survive this morning, as it is 2 above zero here with a wind chill much below zero. Hope nobody decides to buy a ticket back to their warm climate! We do have some students from Mongolia, I am pretty sure they are prepared for this type of climate.

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