Wednesday, January 7, 2009

High Maintenance

We all know what that means. If it is a house, you are working on fixing stuff all the time. If it is a car, make friends with the man at the repair shop, because you are going to become best buds. If it is a spouse, well, you'll be walking on eggshells a lot. If it is a kid, take an extra dose of vitamins, you are going to need them!

My little M & M's were definitely high maintenance tonight. Little Girl had her hand on her hip and finger shaking at me all evening! Every word out of her mouth registered 100 decibels on the eardrums, and sometimes it went to dog whistle pitch, and the her actions were about to be measured on the Richter Scale!

Grandma, come here! Grandma, play with me! Grandma, I'm going to eat popcorn! Grandma, my horse is going to eat popcorn! ( and spill it all over the floor!) Grandma, I'm going to make a cave (meaning turn out the lights!) Grandma, I'm going to turn on the lights! Grandma, I'm going to chase the cat! Grandma, I'm going to slam the door! Grandma, I'm going to imitate Horton (she saw the movie for the first time today--Horton jumps!) Whew...after a couple of hours of that, I definitely need an extra shot of vitamins right now!

When they left my house, it was snowing. That just got the adrenaline going an extra notch. Tired mommy and worn-out grandma could only hope that the hours until bedtime would roll around quickly, and sleep would come to their little overwroght bodies and peace will reign again.

Hope springs eternal...

They may be high maintenance, but I love them just the same. Especially when I get kisses and hugs and sweet smiles in between the chaos.

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