Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday afternoon, the tiredest time of the week!

I run a pretty busy life for an old lady. Between school/work, babysitting, outside activities, I'm usually pretty busy every day, and most of each day. But Thursday afternoons are killers for me! The week has definitely caught up to me by then.

It could be the merry-go-round of Monday through Thursday that I find myself on. No rest for the wicked, except if I can catch a few ZZZZs in the mid-afternoons. It could be that my afternoon class usually sucks the juice out of me, because I sometimes have to do everything but stand on my head to make progress with my limited English speaking students. When you explain the activity, and the "lights are on, but nobody's home" look flashes on 15 faces, you know there has to be more explaining to do, but how to do it. Remember that old line on "I Love Lucy"? "Lucy, you've got some splainin to do!" That's me, most days.

By the time I'm finished with the 12:30 class a little before 2, we are usually well along in my assignment project, they've all gotten it, the project has been done, learning has taken place, but getting there was not an easy task! I've found myself dragging my body and heavy books back to the other side of campus more than one Thursday afternoon!

Today the secretary asked me what was wrong when I came into our office. I told her, "Nothing, except it's Thursday afternoon!" She understood what I was talking about! Guess I'm not the only one that feels that way on Thursday afternoon!

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