Friday, October 16, 2009

And Batgirl joins in the fun!

Little Miss M was so impressed by her brother's Batman costume that she said she wanted to be Batgirl for Halloween. This does not acknowledge the fact that Grandma already made her a Glinda of Oz dress, with multiple layers of floaty, sparkly fabric, and she paraded around the house in it for the past month. I guess that is old, so Batgirl is a new idea. This is a woman who is destined to change her mind, because she sure does it often right now!

The M & M's came over came over for a few minutes this morning. Grandma was asked to deliver them to their appointed places for the day. Batman tried on his outfit and loved it. We had a few alterations to do on it, but they are now complete. Then Little Miss M started in with, "Where's my BatGirl costume?" Finding Little Miss M's desired colors in fabrics at a price Grandma was willing to pay proved to be make for a two hour long shopping expedition, but I came home and got started on it.

Finished it tonight. She will obviously need to wear tights, as it has bare legs and no costume pieces under the skirt.

However, I do believe it is darling, and even if she just wears it around the house, that's OK. They'll be cute together.

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NV said...

TOO darling! love it. She and M will be too cute together.

that said, welcome to life with a Cancer child. We change our minds. Lots. :-)