Saturday, October 24, 2009

Slippery hours

Yesterday was full of slippery hours. You know, those hours when you say, "Where did the time go?" As a result of some very slippery hours, I got no sewing done. I got a couple of costume-type errands run, but no real sewing.

The day started out early, as usual, about 4:30, with some time spent at the computer. I usually wait for my friend to get on the computer so we can chat. But we didn't make contact, and about 6, I crawled back between the sheets, then it got too late to chat with her.

I had my second-to-last physical therapy session at 9:30. The therapist must have thought, "let's throw it all at her", because she really worked me out. On one, I said, "You must be joking!" "No", she said, very matter of fact, so I tried it and did it. Very challenging. I could hardly wait until the time was over! So I rewarded myself by going out to look at a piece of sewing equipment I'm contemplating purchasing. It is a major purchase, so it needs some thought and research.

Luckily, JoAnns is near this shop, and I found some chasuble material and some ball gown material ON SALE for Doubt and Christmas Carol. I had a part of an hour left, so I decided to go to the machine owner's second shop to check out another selection of the equipment I'm contemplating. Just traveling there ate up that time, so I shopped, checked out a couple of other stores (another JoAnn, this one is a superstore--my new favorite store 20 miles away!) At the sewing machine store, the owner's wife had just called him in to help her because she was very busy, so I waited in the area for him to come in, so I could talk to him personally about what I wanted to purchase.

By the time I got home from that extended trip, it was 2:45. At 3, I was signed up to participate in a webinar from 3-4. Then at 5 I had a chiropractor's appointment.

I got home from the day's running around at 6--hungry and freezing from being out in the cold all day. Too bad the rest of the night slipped away just chilling out and warming up! Hopefully today, the slippery hours will be more productive!

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