Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dang, I missed it!

Some people are lucky enough to work for a company or organization that celebrates ALL the U.S. National holidays. Like Labor Day, 4th of July, and COLUMBUS DAY! I used to envy my brother, he worked for the U.S. Postal Service, and they got ALL the holidays off! But, I have yet to work for an organization or company that closed down on Columbus Day.

These holidays have taken a turn over the years to become BIG RETAIL DAYS! I remember many decades ago, a local fabric store took pity on the football widows and staged a huge New Years Day sale, just for something for the women to do while the men were grunting, drinking beer and scratching themselves while watching the big game. Now, every fabric store in the nation makes EVERY holiday a big retail day, with super sales, and not to be missed opportunities.

But, dang, I MISSED IT yesterday! I was pressed into service to take over for a sick colleague, using up the entire day (8-4) for that. Another colleague had wanted to take me to lunch yesterday, but since I worked all day, we had to meet for dinner. I had just enough time after work to get to the restaurant to meet her. And last night, our theatre group had their annual unveiling of the new season. Since I'm going to costume one of the shows, I was asked to be there.

So, all of that activity effectively killed my opportunity to get "EVERYTHING IN THE STORE 15% OFF" OR "10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE" or some such wonderful enticement. Well, at least the Visa account is still intact.



NV said...

Feelin' that pain. I worked for 12 years for a company that gave holidays only for the "basics." (In other words, the ones where anarchy would break out if they didn't. Five or six total each year.)

I'm so d*mn spoiled now. We DON'T get Columbus or Veteran's Day but we get the day after T'giving, MLK and Presidents' Day -- good enough for me.

sewwhat? said...

I guess this wouldn't be the right time to enumerate TEACHERS days off, but they do get JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST off(well, at least a little part of August nowadays.)