Monday, October 19, 2009

Memories from a pattern book

My friend who gave me all those wonderful patterns is about the same age as I am. We are both grandmas, and although our lives don't intertwine often, they do when it comes to sewing, fabrics and patterns, and also projects that we work on.

Back in the 90's, when she and I met, we found out that we both had the same wonderful embroidery sewing machine. She did wonderful projects and so did I. When I moved to the next model, she bought an accessory from me that she didn't have for the original machine. Who knows how many itterations of machines we've been through since then, but we both have the same model of embroidery machine that we use today.

She has been systematically cleaning out her fabric stash, and she knows I do costumes. She and her husband usually attend our local community theatre productions, so they are patrons of the arts. So, she passes on fabric stuff that she no longer wants, and I've used a bunch of it for costumes in the past year. She gave me that awesome collection of her mother's patterns from 60-70 years past, which I will cherish! But, in the discussion of all things involved in sewing, we started to chat about our wedding dresses that we made.

She began to describe hers, and I said, "Mine was just like that!" The more she described, the more I realized, we must have used the same pattern for our dresses! Then I asked her when she was married, it was exactly 1 year after I got married! Yesterday, she showed me a picture of herself in her wedding dress, and it sure did look like the same pattern! I took my lace short jacket to show her, and she took one look at it and said, "Yep, that is it!" We must have been using the same pattern book for our creations, I'm sure of it!

Life is wierd, isn't it? It's fun to make little discoveries about people you meet today, and to find out how close your pasts were intertwined. It's happened to me many times, and it never ceases to amaze me! For instance, I found out a member of our choir is the same age as I am, and he was college roommates with a boy I went to grade school with. How wierd is that?


NV said...

Funny that you of all people say that.

MonkeyGirl and I discovered that you and the late Mr. H were married the DAY AFTER my parents. And that while she was born out-of-state, determined that you had to bring your family back to STL so that she "could meet NV." :-)

sewwhat? said...

Oh, my gosh! That is wierd! Glad you met also, life long friends are the best!