Friday, October 2, 2009


Yes, I am saying that more and more these days! Each week seems to fly by with work and after hours activities and grandkids on Wednesdays, but by Friday, I'm really saying TGIF!

A decision was made over a year ago by our college administration, in the midst of the crazy high gas prices, that we would hold most classes on a two day schedule rather than a three day schedule. This meant classes would meet only on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, but never Mon, Wed, Friday. So, even though it makes some of our classes harder to plan for and deal with, we do have Fridays off! To this I say HOORAY!

Friday, now let me see, what will I be doing with my day?

Well, I have a physical therapy session to try to conquer back pain that has been hampering me for quite some time. That's at 9:30. But after that, it is time to play.

HMMMM--maybe I'd better get going on gathering some costumes for the two plays that are now only 1 month away!

HMMMM-that might require a trip to the fabric store--oh, darn!

HMMMM--my theatre friends have invited me to see a production tonight, so I'd better save some energy for a late night out.

HMMMM--what will happen to that overflowing laundry basket if I don't pay attention to it? It's getting a little cool for summer shorts, which is all that is left in the drawers.

So, the possibilities are endless, but the time is not. It's 6:10 a.m. and I've already gotten the laundry going, maybe I'll get it all done after all.

To all of you out there, Happy Friday!

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