Friday, October 2, 2009

Luke, I am your Father....

Heavy breathing heard, light sabers flashing, dark scenery surrounding, and the evil one walks in on young Luke to begin the fight. Through many encounters, Luke prevails, and finally he finds out something very troubling about his past, when Darth Vader reveals.....

Luke, I am your father!

My little 5 year old grandson, one of the M & M's, loves superheros. You name it, from Superman to Spiderman, to Optimus Prime to Indiana Jones (and Grandma cannot begin to name them all!), he is in a fantasy world when he plays, being one of the superheros, or animating his Lego Superhero figures into an imaginary war in which good prevails over evil. He so far hasn't done a complete smack down of his sister as his opponent (only over who will be first to get a toy, or do some task with Mommy or Grandma). But the other afternoon, I heard him smacking down something in the other room while I was finishing up the supper dishes.

It was smacking against the wall, down the hallway, and I couldn't imagine what he could be playing with. It bumped and thumped, and sounded like he was playing football with something. Then to my horror, I realized what it was!

My very difficult to make, took 3 days to complete, and very fragile bonnet for one of the sisters in Doubt! He was punching it, kicking it, smacking it down good and about to win the fight!

Needless to say, Grandma came to Sister Aloysious' rescue in a nano-second, with a very surprised reaction from little boy M as to why I came unglued when I saw her being kicked down the hall! She was a little bit bent out of shape, but luckily I wired the brim up pretty well so that it could be reshaped if it did get bent.

Later, he came to me and said, "Grandma, you hurt my feelings when you TALKED LOUD to me". Yes, I did talk loud, and chastised the little darling for messing with my costumes. Sometimes they need a little scare from Grandma to know where she draws the line in the sand!

I thought about it later, wondering why he had ever thought to "fight" my bonnet lady. Come to think of it, the hat does somehow look a little like Darth Vader. I think it scared him, and he thought he had to fight it to save us all. Poor little guy, he was just protecting us, and he got in trouble for doing it.

I'm sorry, Little Boy M, but in the future, leave my costume pieces alone, OK?

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