Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nighty Night, Sleep Tight, Don't let the BEDBUGS bite!

The tomato plant and squash plant have a fine little tent to help them survive the cold nights!
Here's the monster tomato plant that keeps producing flowers and little tomatoes, who knows if any of them will ripen?
The squash plant grew and grew, put out many flowers, but the fruits haven't ripened, they got rotten and fell off, except for two excellent specimens. There is one more tiny one, hope it gets a chance to grow a little bigger so I can eat some more yummy squash.

Here are a few of the tomatoes that are on the plant still, there are probably at least 2 dozen small to medium tomatoes, plus the silly plant keeps flowering!

This garden experiment started back in June, when I bought two little tomatoes and 1 squash plant. The tomatoes have grown lush and are putting out lots of flowers and fruits. The only problem is that they've done all of this growing AFTER Labor Day! So, they are getting very little to no sun, and will have to brave the cold tonight!

No problem, My Late Mr. was quite a gardener and had purchased this cold-frame tent, but never used it. It is coming in very handy for this tomato and squash, it is just the right size for both of the monster plants.

Let's hope they survive the cold night, the weather man promises warm weather next week, our true Indian Summer. Maybe some more of the wonderful tomatoes and squash will ripen.

Next year, I'm starting much earlier.

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