Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ok, Ok, I did it

Ok, I did it. I beat myself on the back to get me down to the sewing room, and I actually cut out and started to sew a suit for one of my actresses in On Borrowed Time. I hope it turns out good.

It was hard to choose which of the wonderful vintage patterns I wanted to make. They all have such exquisite details. Most have shirring of some sort on the garments, they also have interesting yokes and neck details. This one is a simple suit or two piece dress, I'm making it out of a tiny olive green check. HOpe it turns out well.

Need to get some more zippers, and possibly some more fabric to go with this suit, then she can wear the jacket with a dress, and also the dress by itself. We need mix and match, for sure.

After class, if I don't suffer from the Thursday afternoon blahs, I'm going to finish it! Then on to the next one.

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