Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No News is Bad News

The sewing room has been abandoned. No one has entered since Sunday night except the bug man who sprayed the basement Monday, and me who brought the trash cans up to be emptied for today's trash pick up. This means, the cassock still sits with no sleeves and no buttons or buttonholes.

Tuesday was a wash out. Little Girl M was home sick, and Mom needed a babysitter for her all afternoon. She wants Grandma or Mommy by her side when she is sick, so there was no use trying to sew and keep her happy. No sewing would have gotten done. Today was much the same, I had a physical therapy appointment that lasted til 3, then picked up the kids at 4, entertained them until 7:30 when mom came to get them. Now I'm cooling my heels til 8:45, trying to avoid crawling in bed, because I need to go measure some more actresses for one of the plays I'm costuming.

Doubt needs costumes by Oct. 13 for promo pictures. Having a deadline will make me get going on finishing SOMETHING. I need to get on the stick, November is coming toward me ever faster each day.

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