Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nunny Bunnies and Father Flynn

Costumes done so far for Doubt
The Nunny Bunnies outfit and Mrs. Muller's suit
The bonnets that the Order of Sisters wore in 1964.
Father Flynn has many looks, but the ladies only have one!

Still needed, Mass vestments--coming later!

This is what I have for the photoshoot for Doubt: A Parable. The photoshoot is tonight. I was hoping to have clothing for as much of it as possible, and now all will be clothed. I still need a pair of shoes for Mrs. Muller, which I may try to find this afternoon.

It will be a jam-packed day, we are having professional development day for the district, with workshops going on all day long. I promised to host a small gathering of ESL teachers this afternoon, so sometime I have to go to the grocery store and pickup that food. Then I have a physical therapy appointment at 6, then the rehearsal and photoshoot at 7. Busy day!

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