Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taken to the woodshed

When you're in charge, you get to plan, improvise, create, evaluate. You get the praise for a job well done (if it is a job well done), and you get taken to the woodshed if something goes wrong!

That was what happened to me today.

A simple request for some pay for someone who did me a favor led to an inquest, a grilling, rationale questioned, admonishment to never to it that way again, the possibility that someone else's job is on the line, and general roasting till I was fork tender. Not exactly what I expected to be on the agenda today, but it was.

We never had a woodshed at my house, but we did have a paddle. And we had a parent who knew how to use it when things got out of hand. You know that old routine, Spare the rod and spoil the child--that wasn't what my father thought! So I've had my share of scoldings and sore backsides as a result.

Well, I won't reveal any more about the circumstances than what I've already said, but let's just say, I left with my tail between my legs, a sadder but wiser girl! Guess that's part of the job of being in charge--nobody told me about that when they recruited me. But, I've been in that position before, so what's new?

Whew--what a day!

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