Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A sewing prodigy

I had really intended it to be for Christmas, but my granddaughter caught me off-guard Monday night. You see, she and her mom and brother paid me a very surprise visit, and she spied the little electric sewing machine I had purchased for her on my dining room table. Before I knew it, she ran over, picked it up, and cried ecstatically "Oh Thank You Grandma for the sewing machine!" Too late to hide it for Christmas!

I fended off her attempts to free the sewing machine from the box (you know how that is, with wires, tape, and bands keeping the product from moving in the box all the way from China). So tonight when I babysat her and her brother, we unwrapped the machine. She sewed a couple of times with it. When she wanted to change the color of the thread, we found out the joys of little sewing machines with needle guards--threading them can really be a challenge. It took me at least 15 minutes to do it. No kid would ever have the patience to do it themselves!

Her brother took a turn at it also. The thing will actually sew--SOMETIMES, that is. It is something she seemed interested in, but I probably would have been better off by paying 15 more dollars and getting a small portable sewing machine, but one that isn't a toy.

She is interested in the process. I'm not sure how much patience she might have to actually sew something. But she seems fascinated to watch what I do. On Saturday, we were making her a "Glinda of OZ" dress from some very sparkly fabric, and she was by my side putting pins in, taking pins out, and watching. She does this with her mom in the kitchen, and can mix, pour, add ingredients to cakes and other recipes without spilling. So, she is learning domestic skills by watching, and who knows where this will all lead.

Her mom did the same thing with cooking. By the time she was six, she was tired of watching, and pushed me out of the way to do it herself. This little princess has pushed both of us aside more than once in the kitchen. Now, I hope I can make her do the same thing with the sewing machine--and really become a sewing prodigy!


NV said...

Wow ... a cooking AND sewing gene! I'm envying little Miss M.

My grandmother was a seamstress -- and a dynamite cook. The mother got the cooking gene and she CAN sew, if she HAS to.

Me? I apparently got the grandFATHER genes instead.(Paternals was a carpenter/cabinetmaker. Maternal was an electrician/mechanic.)

NV said...

Oh. I meant to say I saw the Glinda dress. It's adorable!!! (As is the wearer.)

sewwhat? said...

Well, inheriting grandfather genes has certainly paid off for you! I was the only grandchild for 6 years to a grandpa who loved to do woodworking. He taught me how to swing a hammer and drill a hole. I think I was better than my own father. Served me well over the years. I built shelves in the basement that Godzilla could climb on and not break! Oh, and I did have a husband who could build a mean set of shelves also! I learned by holding the wood for him while he built.