Sunday, September 27, 2009

My first three baby quilts

Here are the three baby quilts I made in 2008. They barely cover a crib mattress, The one is displayed on a toddler bed, which uses a crib mattress.
Farm animals theme for the little farm boy in Iowa
Found the cutest fabric for this one, which was for my neighbor down the street. Jungle animals were the embroidery motif.
Trucks are the motif for this one. It was made for my neighbor next door, cute little PJ, who knows my name, my car, and all the colors of my flowers in the yard, at 18 months of age! What a cutie he is!

The designs for the embroidery are from Dakota Collectables "Cuddly Animal Quilts" and "Fun For Boys". I do my embroidery on a Janome 10000 machine, quilting on a Janome 6600.

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