Friday, September 18, 2009

The most precious gift

The most precious gift was just delivered yesterday. Sweet babygirl Jaden arrived yesterday at 2:22 p.m. Her mom, Sweet K and Skaterboy are the proud parents. Monkeygirl and Mr. Monkeygirl are the proud grandparents. So that makes me, SewWhat? a GREAT-GRANDMOTHER! Well, really a STEP Great Grandmother.

Little Jaden was the object of many admirers last night in her hospital room with her mom and dad. She slept peacefully as she was passed from grandparent to grandparent, uncle, neice, friends and GREAT-GRANDPARENTS!

The little mother and father must be the youngest members on the hospital floor to be new parents. She is 17 and he is 19. Kids themselves, they are struggling with the whole responsibility now in their arms, how to care for and raise their own child. Needless to say, they need a lot of love, support and prayers from everyone as they begin their journey.

Keep them in your prayers, we all will. We hope to have more pictures of our newest member of the family. Now I can get going on finishing the RUBBER DUCKIE quilt, built for little Jaden, just awaiting her arrival to get the vital statistics embroidered on her quilt. We love you, darling baby Jaden! And congratulations to Skaterboy and Sweet K on the arrival of your little bundle!

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NV said...

Congratulations all around! She's a keeper.