Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kitchen Table Talk

There is no better talk than sitting at the kitchen table and chatting with your BFF. She and I chat online every morning (or nearly every morning). It is fun to keep up with her life, and she with mine, throwing a little gossip in every now and then. We sometimes talk on the phone. but today, we got a chance to engage in several hours of good ol' kitchen table talk!

It worked out that she and her hubby were coming up from Mid-Missouri for a doctor's appointment this morning, but then they were picking up their son from the airport tonight. What were they going to do with all the time in between?

They did a little shopping, ate lunch and then decided to check out the Museum of Transporation, which is a lot of fun. Being mature adults with no kids in tow, they did the perfunctory tour and then opted for the air-conditioned station house for a cool soda and a sit down. Then they came to my house for dinner.

Now, I don't really do much cooking lately, but for good friends, I'll make the effort. I was late coming home from school, and I had nothing in the house to feed guests, so I had about an hour to get to the store, get home, clean up the house some, and start the dinner before they came.

Her hubby spied the comfy recliner chair, and test drove that into slumber land after his busy morning and afternoon. She and I chatted and chopped at the kitchen table, preparing our dinner. When the dinner was ready, we enjoyed a delicious repast together. It was all the more tasty because it was shared with some very good friends!

Then we had a couple of hours to burn until they had to get to the airport. What a nice time we had, chatting about life, situations, kids, and activities, FACE TO FACE.

If I had a back fence, my BFF from Mid-Mo would be the perfect back-fence neighbor. Heaven help us if we were, because we'd never get anything done, we'd be chatting over the fence all the time.

But, until that happens, and one of us moves, we'll just enjoy these special times we have together, chatting it up at the kitchen table!


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