Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giving it my all!

I'm working with a class of 15 English Language learners. They've been in the U.S for about a month now, and that is about how much experience with English that they have. So our class sessions have a very high learning curve. It is just as high for the teacher as it is for the students!

I guess I must admit that I'm not getting any younger. Yes, I did just have a birthday this week, deeper into the 60's and onward to the 70's! Yikes, how did that happen so fast? I love teaching, but after 1-1/4 hours of working so hard to be understood, and making sure that I am understood, I'm just wiped out!

Today the restroom was closed (couldn't take care of nature's needs), the elevator was broken, so I climbed up to the main level with my huge backpack, and realized just how tired I really was after my class! I remember feeling this tired last Thursday after working with them.

Now, these students are the loveliest group of people. They are amiable, hard working, willing to give maximum effort to learn. So, how can I slack off? I can't and don't want to! We make progress every time we meet, but we have a very long way to go! And it is hard work!

So, students, I'm willing to give it my all if you are willing to take the ride with me! Just give me and elevator and a working restroom when I'm finished, so I can make it home, OK?

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