Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bustin' my buttons proud!

I've told you about my students who have come to our college full of hope, promise of future leadership in their home countries, but short on English language experience. Each day we work together is a challenge. I know it is for me, and I'm sure it is for them. See post from earlier in September, "Giving It My All" for more information about the group.

Today, they began to make oral presentations to the class. The topic was "Five ways to make friends". They have been working on this for about 3 weeks. They've worked with the speech lab teacher, and she came to our class to video their presentations.

I asked for a volunteer to start. The young lady who jumped up to do her presentation first was one who had had that "deer in the headlights" look on her face when I first interviewed her in mid August. The only thing she could say was, "No English!" Now, here she was, eager to give an excellent presentation, very well prepared and presented, and very fluent in English. She was so excited when she was finished, so very happy because of a job well done.

By the time they were finished, I don't know who was prouder, myself or the speech teacher. These students were so relaxed, organized, well-rehearsed and naturals at standing up in front of a group and speaking. And their English was wonderful.

Just 6 short weeks ago, they could barely put two words together, and now they were making entire presentations in English.

I was so proud of them. I know why they were chosen for the honor of recieving a two year scholarship to the United States. They have excellent leadership qualities, and it showed clearly as they completed this assignment. They will be using these skills in presenting ideas to their countrymen when they return, to become young leaders in their countries in business or government.

Awesome! I'm bustin' my buttons proud of them!


MonkeyGirl said...

Yeah!! It is good to have a victory but honestly, how could they fail when you are their teacher!!

sewwhat? said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm proud beyond what I expected the outcome of our work would be--more like blown away! Anyway, I'm so happy for their progress. And I don't take that much credit for it!