Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The first Tomato

From this modest little garden patch grew a mighty tomato plant. It is the tinest plant in this picture (Back row, next to the house foundation.) The Squash plant next to it did much better in the first few months, but the bunnies feasted on the tiny little fruits as they developed.

Now the plant has overtaken everything else in the garden plot. It has been propped up, and it is still sprawling out, covering the flowers, and itself bearing more and more flowers and fruits. Right now there are at least 20 tomatoes in various stages of growth on the plant, plus more flowers.

The wierd thing about this garden plot is that it gets very little sun. During the high summer months, it got about 4-5 hours of sun a day. Now it is in almost constant shade, as this garden faces east, but has a 2 story monster house 12 feet away from it, causing the sun to never hit it now that fall is approaching.

I thought tomatoes needed sunlight to thrive, but obviously there is something in this garden area that is making this tomato plant happy. And today I picked my very first ripe tomato! Note the date, Sept. 1! I hope the first frost is late this year, so the rest of the little green tomatoes will have a chance to ripen.

Not impressive in size, note the golf ball next to it. But it ripened, and it's all mine! Can't wait till the rest of them get ripe! Hooray! I got the first tomato before (not Fourth of July), but LABOR DAY!

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