Saturday, September 5, 2009

For a Sweet Baby Girl

For a "soon to be born" baby girl--center panel is for her name, date of birth and weight

Since momma and daddy love Rubber Duckies, this is the theme of the baby quilt

I spent a rainy Labor Day weekend Saturday down in the basement, making the blocks for this baby quilt. I had used this pattern to make three baby quilts last year, 1 for my grandson, and 2 for neighbors who were having babies all around the same time.

The quilt blocks are 6" x 9", and I use a Janome 10000 Embroidery machine for the emboidery blocks. The embroidery patterns are from Dakota Collection, and this design set is called "Cuddly Animal Quilt". I've made several of the quilts using this collection, and they all turned out very cute.

I have just done the piecing on the quilt top as of today. The checked fabric the quilt top is laying on will be an extra row of border to make the quilt bigger. The last ones I made just covered a crib mattres, and I want this one to have more overhang. I am thinking of making a pieced border using up all the fabrics I cut for piecing and didn't use. I'm researching that right now to see what design might work best.

My one quilting friend told me about corner blocks. I had some fabric in my collection of colors that went with the main fabric that was all little blocks. I'm really glad I did that because it helped me get the sashing lined up straight. It still isn't perfect, but it is flatter and more rectangular that the last ones I made. I guess you learn with each project.

I have to wait until she is born for the name to be embroidered in the center. I'll work on the borders until then. I believe I can give it to the momma a few days after the baby comes, they won't mind!

It's fun, and I used inspiration piece of fabric with ducks printed on soft red plaid. I teamed it with soft greens and blue. It has sort of a vintage look to it. I like this color scheme, rather than bubble gum pink or pastel pink which so much stuff is made out of for a baby girl. Hope the parents like it as well. I'll show you an update when it is completely finished. The backing will be soft off/white and yellow ducks on flannel. Very snuggly!

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