Saturday, September 5, 2009

Speaking of gardens....

Early summer, after small impatiens plants were put in corners of the pond
September 5, the impatiens look like wedding bouquets!

Last year a friend and I went on something called a "Water Garden Tour". You could tour any number of about 60 different people's water gardens on Saturday and Sunday in late June. Most of these people were members of the St. Louis Water Garden Society. The inspiration for my own water garden took shape during this tour.

Many of the gardens we toured were absolutely awesome. Some took up the entire back yards. One family had an artesian spring in their yard. They took this liability and turned it into an asset, as it became the source for the water for an entire backyard of water garden pools. They threw some tiny catfish in the pond the year before, and when we were there, the fish had grown into huge 20" long monsters!

Some of the people we visited were vendors of the products that water gardeners use, and their yards were a display for their products. One guy's yard was so absolutely awesome, with huge waterfalls, deep pools, and a shallow wading area for the kids. That is where I got the idea for impatiens growing right next to the water, with their little roots tucked into the rocks. These posies obviously like it, because they've grown so huge in my water garden right now.

So, it gives me great pleasure to go out on a daily basis to feed my fish, admire the flowers, and hear the waterfalls flowing. It is my zen garden, and I love it.

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