Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alpha and Omega of tomatoes

The Alpha of Topsy-Turvey Planter The Omega of Topsy-Turvey Planter--see the red tomatoes? No they are hiding, but there are two about 3/4ths of the way down.

The alpha of my garden tomato plant
The OMEGA of my garden tomato plant! It's taking over the entire garden!

I picked and ate my first red tomato from my plants a few days ago. Even though it was a little tomato, it did have a very good homegrown taste. I noticed that two from the Topsy-Turvey planter are getting red, so I'll have some more to eat soon.

The Topsy-Turvey needs water at least twice a day. On hot dry days, the leaves wilt quickly. I forget often, and always hope for revival, which it has done. The only problem is that there is blossom end rot on the tomatoes, which I think comes from uneven watering. My fault, my bad!

The garden tomato continues to grow longer, lankier, and puts out more flowers each day. It is just getting going and soon we'll have frosts! I have a portable greenhouse somewhere buried in my shed, I'd better get that out and put it together to maybe keep the plants alive to ripen the rest of the tomatoes.

My little squash plant is trying to produce, but the small fruits are rotting before they get more than 2" long. I don't know why, unless they are getting too much water. I got my lawn reseeded last week, and the directions were to water it every day. Perhaps it is too much water for the squash. I have a sprinkler system, so there is no way I can control NOT WATERING this one plant.

It has been a fun experiment, and next year I'll get started earlier, and maybe my crop will come in mid summer, for me to enjoy for several months, not just weeks.

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