Thursday, December 4, 2008

The zippers are calling me

I started on my costuming job for "The Sound of Music" on Sunday night. I got all the bottoms for one set of vonTrapp kids outfits all cut out and the boys shorts sewed up. I started on the girls' skirts and got stopped because I had no zippers of the right color.

So Monday on the way home from work, I bought the zippers.

And ever since that afternoon, they have been calling me! Every day it is one excuse after another, not enough time, too busy, other tasks are more important, oh heck, I just want one more nap!

It's been cold and snowy all week, so the napping under a warm cozy blanket has sounded very enticing. Today, I spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon on hold to change my Medicare health coverage. Tonight, the idea of baking cookies seemed like a good idea, just to warm up the house. And tonight I have a meeting to go to.

So the zippers have been calling me, but the skirts have not been done. I'm bad, and I know I'll pay for this procrastination later on. I need to get started so I can be finished with this job by Christmas, that is my self-imposed deadline.

Wish me luck!

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