Sunday, December 21, 2008

Setting the Mood

We all have our triggers that set the mood for the holidays? Is it the frenzy of last-minute shopping that sets the mood for you? Monkeygirl started her Christmas shopping early, on the last day of fall, not the first day of winter. NV who lives in This D*mn House started the cleaning frenzy and wrapping gifts in themed paper and now she is in the mood. I got all of my Santas out and placed them strategically around the house. I suppose that is my trigger, although there is still some room in my heart for Baby Jesus who will get me going more during Christmas Eve Mass.

In our weekend paper, the LifeStyle Editor claims to have been searching for the right trigger to get her in the mood. So despite the terrible economy, she bucked up and took her family of 5 to Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend. It had to be part of a Christmas gift, because believe me, when I went, it emptied a big chuck of wallet change from me! And that was only for one person!

But Great Wolf knows how to put on a party. And it is all geared for families, especially families who can't get enough time in water during the three summer months, and want to extend it to year round. You see, the drawing feature for Great Wolf is the huge indoor water park which is a part of their aura and appeal.

The other thing that draws families to Great Wolf, especially around holidays, is that they have theme based activities for families, every hour every day. We went before Halloween, and they did some darling theme based "haunted house" rooms, which the families could tour. It was low key on the scary-meter, but very cute and creative. Each department in the hotel management team was given a room, and they chose a movie theme to decorate their room in. They didn't destroy the room or anything, but they did decorate right up to the ceiling! Great Wolf gave up a chunk of change for this venture, because 6 rooms were out of commission as money raisers for a couple of weeks, during a very busy holiday season.

The LifeStyle editor went during the Christmas season. She described how they make it snow in the lobby 4 times a day! What a special effect that must have been. The lobby is four stories high, with a floor to ceiling stone fireplace decked out with moose heads and other lodge decor! I guess the housekeeping staff gets out their vacuums every time it snows to act as snowplows to get ready for the next snow storm! What an idea. She describes the story tellers, Christmas craft activities, arcade venture, which we experienced also when we went.

So this isn't supposed to be an ad for Great Wolf Lodge, but they are fun, and located in various spots in the country. If you want a fun experience for families with kids who like to swim and play in water, these resort hotels can't be beat.

What ever your Christmas "mood trigger" is, I hope you are catching the spirit, and hope you have a very happy holiday!

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