Monday, December 1, 2008

December First, can Christmas be far behind?

Well, here we are at the first day of December. Christmas is only 24 days away, that's three weeks and 3 days. Whew, it will go fast, I know it will.

Not a present purchased yet, except for my friend in Smalltown, I gave it to her last Friday! Now, I need to find stuff for the rest of my people on my list.

Black Friday was good for the retailers, but I wonder what the rest of the Christmas present buying season will be like. Most people I know are unmotivated to get a lot of stuff, EXCEPT A CERTAIN BLOGGER WHO HAS IT ALL FOR HER ENTIRE FAMILY ALREADY! Good for her, I'll give her my list (if I had one) and let her get it all for me!

Have a happy December, and soon we'll be saying goodbye to 2008.


MonkeyGirl said...

Don't forget the single most important day in December is coming up in 25 days as well!

sewwhat? said...

Of course we cannot forget that. NOTE TO THE WORLD! MONKEY GIRL WILL BE XX ON DEC. 26TH. For a few bucks, I will fill in the xx's with a real number! However, then since she is my daughter, I'll have to reveal my age also, oh, you already know, I'm Medicare age!