Monday, December 22, 2008

Good things come in small packages

You've heard that saying before. It certainly holds true for diamonds or exquisite jewelry. You can anticipate something rather extraordinary if you get a small package.

Well, I hope my family realizes that coming in small packages may mean that it is a really small gift. I've got all my Christmas gifts organized, and it all fits in a 2 x 3 foot corner of one closet. Oh, disclaimer, some large boxed toys are in the garage, but when it will all be wrapped, it still won't take up much room.

Is it the economy or just the idea that we all have gobs of stuff that pushed me to this new Christmas point of view? I know the two families of mine with little kids are very short on space, so getting them a bunch of big stuff just won't fit into the house! Besides the one family is traveling, so packing the car with necessities for three young boys (including an almost 1 year old) doesn't leave much room for big toys.

Money folds down nicely, and to fill in the spaces under the tree, I'll find some creative ways of wrapping this, and everyone will have a merry Christmas!

Hope you and yours do also!

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