Friday, December 12, 2008

When can I rest?

Yesterday's schedule:
4;30 a.m. Read 30 essays, count verbs, compute percentage of correct verbs (ESL students are notoriously poor at controlling verbs)
6:00 a.m. go for a sweet treat to the bakery, try to control headache from counting all those verbs
7:30 get ready for work
8:00 go to the office, retrieve personal papers needed for interview at a new university for classes next fall, rewrote my resume, chatted with colleagues
9:30 leave for university (across the river in the next state, but it's only 5 miles to the river!)
10:00 meet with professor
10:10 leave for home--it was a very short meeting
10:30 get gas, it's now down to $1.35 a gallon, who'd of thunk it?
10:45 retrieve my purchase from Target that the careless new employee who thought he knew everything forgot to give me last night.
11:00 plead my case the bank, apologize for my mistake, I made a deposit through the ATM on Tuesday night in the driving rain, 2 minutes after the drive through window closed. I pulled out the checks and deposit slip already written out from my purse, and put them into the envelope. OOOPS, on Wednesday, I found one of the checks still in my purse! I had to explain that to the bank employees and hope they wouldn't slap any fees on me for my mistake.
11:30 Got that cheap steakburger I've been craving for days
12:00 counted more verbs, finally finished at 12:30--head really pounding now
12:45 Maybe I can grab 40 winks before next gig
1:15 get up, go to bank to give my hairdresser a nice Christmas tip, leave for midtown hair appointment
2:00 began my "clip and dip" routine. He's a master, but as the years go on,it is more of a challenge for him to make me look good, but he always manages. Love his new hair look, now very Italian (his heritage) and so handsome! Look at Il Divo, he looks like one of them! He has a sleeve tattoo of Our Lady of Guadelupe, today is the feast day of his arm decor! Very awesome!
3:30 on the road again, now heading for the grocery store
4:30 home with groceries, begin casserole for the pot-luck dinner tonight
5:00 maybe I can catch a few more winks while the casserole cooks. No luck, the news is so bad, who can sleep (I'm a person who needs tv to put me to sleep! It works most of the time.)
6:00 gather music, guitar, wrap present, copy papers, wrap casserole for the meeting and pot-luck
7:00-9:00 Ladies Meeting, plus pot-luck dinner, entertainment (by me and my guitar), gift exchange
9:00 call colleague to chat about essays and VERBS
10:00 Ahhhhhh, the bed awaits!

Now I say again, when can I rest?

Not today,

9:00 - 10--work at school
10-12 interview and brief a new employee
12 leave for other campus to discuss essays
When will I catch lunch?
2:30-3??? leave for Macy's
Hopefully to find a good buy on a winter coat--we're really getting a blast here in the Midwest, with much more promised next week.
5:45 meet friends at cafe for dinner
7:30 see "Steppin'Out" with ladies who will be producing this play in spring, I'm on the team
When Can I rest?

Not tomorrow--

Taking the grandkids to see Nutcracker Ballet. Work on grades and costumes

Not Sunday--

Going to see "Northwinds Concert Band" performance. Continue to work on grades and costumes

Not Monday--student teacher conferences, hoping that I got grades done

Not Tuesday--Student teacher conferences, know I must have gotten grades done.

Are you getting the message? I don't think there will be any rest until after Christmas, If I can last that long!

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MonkeyGirl said...

Don't forget the M&M's Christmas program on Sunday can't miss the grandkids in action!