Saturday, December 20, 2008

Speaking of watches.....

One can never have too many watches.

In the golden olden days, you had one watch for your entire life. They lasted that long. They were expensive, exquisite, made of fine metal components, able to be fixed if they broke, needed no attention except a gentle winding each day.

Well, that day is long gone. Now, in the digital age, you don't keep them that long. But in years gone by, I went for function, rather than form. I remember having a digital sport watch that never left my wrist until a creeping cruddy rash developed under it on my arm, and I had to abandon it until the rash cleared up.

The time period for my watches has gotten shorter and shorter as the years have gone by. Now I'm into "fashion watches", one or two to go with each outfit color! They are very inexpensive, and actually can be made to go longer by replacing the battery. I've had one completely crumble in my last 2 years of collecting.

Now, I have at least 19 fashion watches in my jewelry box. I may have missed a couple, I think one or more is perched on the kitchen ledge waiting to be put away.

And now, my photo watch joins the collection! I wonder which one will make the cut on most days? Will Grandma Pride trump fashionista sense? Only TIME WILL TELL!

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NV said...

Good grief -- you and the mother! She must have 100 if she has one.