Friday, December 26, 2008

The aftermath....

21 stockings filled.....check
3 stores checked on Christmas Eve for last minute gifts....check
1 store visited on Christmas Day to get more dishwashing liquid, after doing dishes from cookie baking for 2 hours......check
4 hours sleep on from Dec. 23 to 24....check
Wrapping at least 4 gifts per person x 12....check
2 church singing gigs completed......check
Welcoming 7 out of town guests.....check
Emptying my wallet and checking account at least twice.....check
Waiting in line for Christmas baked goods....check

And now, finally falling in bed at 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 26, only to be awakened several times by bathroom calls, and getting up at 5:30.....check

And so, Christmas is officially finished!

Now for the next few days, I will get to enjoy those 7 out-of-town visitors by designing an activity plan for interest levels from 11 months to seniors, families and DINKs, and trying to keep on my feet until Monday, when NOTHING IS PLANNED.

It will be fun, but tiring, and I will have plenty of great memories from the flurry of activity..

Seeing baby C (11 months old) throwing a kitty ball like a baseball pro...
Enjoying watching the two oldest boy cousins (5-1/2 and 4-/12) enjoying each other's company, dealing with each others personalities, as they shared their new toys.....
Watching grandkid A with his Hot Wheel cars, as he gently put persistently drove them across the ledge on my very expensive china cabinet....
Getting my bro to help put the train set together (thank you so much!)....
Eating delicious foods prepared by daughter chefs, myself, and the bakery down the street.... (Tiramisu???? Where are those leftovers? Who says you can't have leftover Tiramisu for breakfast?? Goes great with leftover champagne, guess I ought to put a splash of orange juice in it to make it look more legit.)
Counting the empty beer bottles in the recycling bin......
Looking at the stack of cardboard to be recycled that is piled up like a mountain in the living room......
And waiting for Daughter MonkeyGirl's latest pictures taken with her new lens....since I didn't have time to even look for the camera.

Hope your Christmas holiday was memorable and enjoyable, mine sure was!

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