Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The result is.....

I've been telling you about a bead maker Becky of Gypsy Flame (www.gypsyflamework.com) and a bead store GlassHopper Studio, LLC (www.GlasshopperStudio.com), where I have been shopping for weeks to get some special beads for a project.

The result of my work is.....

The handmade beads made by Becky of Gypsy Flame are the centerpiece of this necklace and earring set. The three focal orange and black beads in the center of the necklace are matching, and the two in the earrings and one in the center focal piece also match and were made by her. I combined onyx etched rectangular beads, faceted onyx beads with silver spacers, silver beads, pearls, fire opal, black and clear Swarovski crystal beads, and various other larger onyx beads with assorted seed beads.

I copied the technique from something I saw just last night in a catalog. Each section of beads in the torsade is composed of three strands of beads, and are gathered at the end of each section by a small silver spacer. In the past, I've made the woven/braided necklaces (three strand and 8 strand) with the beads on single strands, but not gathered together, which makes a very airy necklace, with the beads "floating" on the stringing wire. The technique that I used on this necklace gives a much more chunky look, which I thought was necessary because the focal beads were large.

The camera flash brightened up the orange to the point that this almost looks like a Halloween piece, but in reality it is much more subtle. I think this will look good with a black turtleneck and black velveteen jeans, now all I need is a place to wear it!

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