Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

What is it for you? A Lexus on the driveway with a big red bow tied on top? Diamonds that dazzle the eye, big enough to show he cares? Airplane tickets to some exotic place far away? What am I missing? What is your dream gift?

I must admit, the first one on that list above would probably trump almost any gift I would have recieved in my lifetime. The second one on the list comes in closely behind. But, in my old age, these dreams are becoming dimmer and less likely to ever see the light of day for me. Good luck to all of you to achieve your dream gift.

So, now what do I consider the ultimate gift? Not a vacuum cleaner, or a food processor? Or that brightly colored pair of socks, or crazy sweater that someone might think I'd enjoy. Actually I love all of those things, but don't really consider them gift-worthy, I'll shop for those things for myself!

I did ask for a nice cordless drill for Christmas. I figure the boys in the family can come up with the correct model for an old grandma who occasionally does home repairs or installs shelves or curtain rods.

But I bought myself the ultimate gift this year. You'll never guess what! I bought myself a new toilet brush! Yes, I parted with the ones I've been using that are carrying organisms from toilets past, it was sad but necessary to part with them! I hope they get a ceremonious burial in the landfill.

Now, to use it to get my home ready for guests!

Hope you all get your ultimate gift. I'm sure you will be as excited about yours as I am with mine!

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