Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's Going On Here?

What? How Can this be?

We sold our gas guzzlers and bought bikes and stayed at home, and now look what happens. Gas is cheaper than it has been in years! Go figure!

I got rid of the truck because it cost $75 to fill the tank, now I could go far on $25. Exxon Mobil, eat my shorts! How can you make 20 bizillion dollars a quarter selling gas at this price?

And the bottom line is........

I wonder how long this will last.


MonkeyGirl said...

Yippee! I can finally pay less than $2 per gallon! Gas is higher in the desert so it was kid of nice to brag about something beig better in the midwest!

NV said...

I dunno. But I plan to enjoy it for as long as it does! I gotta come over to your side to get THOSE prices though. :-)