Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picking up the Pieces

Now that I'm finished costuming one show, I must pick up the pieces in the sewing room. Pins, pattern scraps, threads, pattern pieces that need to be folded and stored, all of that must be done in preparation for THE NEXT SHOW!

I had exactly 2 hours last Saturday morning to speculate on what to do with myself now that this costuming gig for The Unexpected Guest was finished. My friend from the local high school alumni group is doing "The Sound Of Music" in January. Since I helped them last year, they conned me into helping them again this year. So at 10 a.m. last Saturday, she called me and said, "How would you like to come to our practice today to measure the actors and get going on the costumes?" Well, it made perfect sense, I could get going on this project, which I hope to have finished by Christmas.

I am only going to do part of this costuming gig. I will be making 2 sets of clothing for the vonTrapp children, all 7 of them! I'm going to make a nautical outfit for them, and the famous curtain outfits. It was fun planning with them what they wanted and how they were going to stage it.

Funny thing about the leaders of this group. The husband/wife team who are the director/music director have a son going to a university in an adjoining state. This university used to be the training grounds for an order of Sisters. Now it is an open university, but since it is adjoining the large motherhouse, they have close ties with the sisters. So guess where the nun's costumes are coming from? You guessed it! That university! I guess they'll rummage around in the nun's closets to find some old fashioned nun's habits.

Here's another interesting "small world" bit of info. I worked with two wonderful sisters from this order, who happen to be sisters to each other! I've been to visit them several times in their beautiful motherhouse. I was so surprised to find that these people who are directing this show have a tie to that university. In fact, the theatre teacher at that university is an alum of the high school that is putting on the play. IT TRULY IS A SMALL WORLD.

Updates will follow of the progress of the 4 plays I am costuming in January--hope I can keep it all straight in my mind!


MonkeyGirl said...

I guess this means we better come visit you for the "holidays" now or we don't have a prayer of seeing you until the spring thaw!!

sewwhat? said...

You've got it sweetie! Come any time!