Friday, November 28, 2008

The Big Feast

This is a report on our big Thanksgiving feast.

Uncle R--made the turkey, it was perfection. Just the right size, he said he bought it fresh so he didn't have to deal with the whole defrosting mess. It stayed nicely in its cooking bag, it was juicy, tasty, and had plenty of good white meat. He said he found the guts and pulled them out. I ended up taking it out of the pan and M & M's mom made the gravy (made difficult by the fact that fresh flour was not to be found in the bachelor pad). But Boy M didn't care, he just wanted gravy on everything, including about 3 helpings of mashed potatoes.

MonkeyGirl--well, really Mr. MonkeyGirl! Made delicious mashed potatoes, found that taking them in the crock pot keeps you from having to deal with reheating mashed potatoes, we all know how that doesn't work out! Also made a delicious sweet potato casserole, with marshmallows toasted just right because he watched them as they browned!

SewWhat made broccoli casserole, it was good but slid around in the pan in the transportation. Stuffing, yehhhh, not spectacular, but sopped up the gravy just fine. Rolls, were a little hard from reheating, don't think I'll buy premade ones again. Green Beans, I hate to clean them, so I buy them in a bag cleaned (most of the ends are removed, BUT NOT ALL), you microwave them for 3 minutes in the bag, and they are perfectly done, crisp tender. Girl M loves green beans, she was my best customer on those.

M & M's Mom, made the desserts. WE all went for the pumpkin pie, she felt the pecan pie was overdone, and she tried it, but we were all stuffed from the main course, so no seconds. The M & M's loved having whipped cream squirted in their mouths (after the other guests were served!) Girl M helped her mom make one pie, and some cookies.

We enjoyed our evening together, the M & M's enjoyed Uncle R's train set up (remember he is a train buff! See posts from August on that subject!) The resident cat helped himself to some turkey tidbits and whipped cream, so he was begging around us while we were eating dessert. He is a fine looking grey/tan tabby, and a friendly sort of guy, so the kids enjoyed him. Uncle R wanted to play Michigan Rummy, which was a family favorite of our parents, but we were all pooped from cooking and eating, plus the M & M's were getting impatient on having to sit still and play with the toys that Mom scrounged up from the floor of the car.

It was a good Thanksgiving, though.

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MonkeyGirl said...

If anyone wants mashed potatoes, we have about 4 pounds left!!