Saturday, November 29, 2008

M & M's at the "Fee-a-tre" Again

Well, we went to the "fee-a-tre" again today, this time to see the annual Thanksgiving kiddie show. This is always a professional theatre group that does a short show appealing to the preschool/kindergarten set. There sure was a large number of 1 to 5's in this audience!

The show was an ensemble of 7 children's picture books acted out in lively song and dance. Each one was done by a cast of 6, with quick costume changes and clever special effects.

Luckily, they took only about 45 minutes to tell the 7 stories. The M & M's were good, but I'm not sure how much they liked it. We weren't really close, but did sit on the end of a row, so I know they could see. Even with excellent articulation on the part of the actors and actresses, some of the story got missed. But it was lively and fun, and they clapped politely when every one else clapped.

M & M's mom remembers when she went to the ballet at Christmas, she was 6. She is thinking of taking Girl M to see it this year. As I remember it, the ballet is pretty long, and I'm not sure if a 3 year old is ready for 2-1/2 hours of dance in a huge theatre with expensive seats! Maybe she should wait a year or two.

Boy M was excited when he heard we were going to the fee-a-tre, because he wanted to see "Bolt". No, M, we aren't going to see that, at least not on this trip. I think he might have been a little disappointed that the show wasn't a cartoon, but real live singers and dancers.

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