Friday, November 28, 2008

"What means it.....?"

When the Boy M says that, you know you are going to become a walking Wikipedia, because he needs an explanation for one of life's mysteries. At least, it is still a mystery to him in his little 4-1/2 year old world. Thank heaven he hasn't asked me to explain anything terribly embarrassing yet.

Last week it was, "What means it to fall in love?" Where did that one come from?

I heard he asked Aunt BonkeyGirl "What means it to go on a date?" Another of life's mysteries as to why he is asking that.

So this week, their Mom gave us the day before Thanksgiving task of creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece with each tail feather of the turkey we were creating stating what we were thankful for.

So as we were creating (not too well, she had to redo it), the inevitable question came, "What means it to be thankful?" Welll, how deep is that question? But he needed to figure it out before he could write on the tail feather.

To be thankful is to be glad you have someone special in your life, and you like having them around you, like your Mommy, the dogs, your sister, Uncles and Aunts, GRANDMAS! Oh, he was satisfied that he understood what being thankful meant.

And I am thankful for grandkids, kids and their spouses, pets, friends--new and old, acquaintances, co-workers, having a nice job, brothers and sisters (and inlaws), my house, and lots of love that surrounds me in every walk of my life. Maybe it was unsaid at the table last night, but it was in my heart.

And now I hope Boy M realizes that his grandma will answer any of his "What means it..?" questions as honestly and clearly as I possibly can. I'm so glad he asked.

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MonkeyGirl said...

That is a double edged sword question for me...some answers are easier (what mean its fall?) and other are too complicated (what means it the president?) But I do love the questions!